Friday, 14 September 2012

TRIUMPH at last....

Finally we have hit on a fool proof way to keep the chooks out of the veggie gardens!!!!! WOOHOO!!
Meei showing off our new lattice gate!!

I clipped their wings as suggested and the bitches went straight to the garden and flew over, how rude!!

We finally came up with the idea of fishing net, so Meei picked up a 100 meter long net and we set to work hanging and hammering it into place. It was hard work up on ladders in the glaring sun. The results are perfect.

The chook, with Chummy’s help were also getting in the cocky gates so we replaced those with lattice gates, hinged with cable ties.

We also found some old plastic lattice like stuff and have staked it in the corner garden for the cucumber to grow on.

So we went back to the nursery and got some tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum and cabbage and started planting, only to discover the beds were rock hard so all had to be turned again with the pitchfork. What a huge day, I was filthy, sore, crippled, sunburnt, dehydrated but TRIUMPHANT.

Everything survived last night and today, chooks trying to get into the gardens but in vain. I have such an ENORMOUS satisfaction looking out onto a newly planted, chook proof garden. All done by “Girl Power” (oh James did help hanging the fish netting). I am feeling hugely empowered but oh so exhausted. JJ & Darren better be suitably impressed at our use of off cuts & power tools!!

 Early to bed for me tonight, methinks.
I am filthy, exhausted, sore and sun burnt,(not too badly, more sun kissed!!) but nothing will take away my pride at getting the gardens planted and chook proof!! It has been a long and frustrating process. Now we can move on to the next project, enlarging the chook coop!!


  1. If those chooks get in again, I think they would make a good roast dinner!!

    1. hehe mum, your not far wrong, there are two chooks who are just so naughty!!
      Day 2 and still growing with no chook interference!!!