Thursday, 21 March 2013

March doings & new animals....

Right, this year is seriously flying bye!! March is nearly gone and I really can't account for it all....
A week after Chummy passed away our kids saw a group of i-kiribati kids strangling, kicking and throwing about a puppy, Jack was quite distressed and so JJ yelled at the kids to hand the puppy over!! Thank goodness it is a male (making de-sexing a whole lot easier!!) So the puppies name is "Buster", he was whipped upstairs for a flea bath, a worm and a meal!! He was so small he nearly fell in his bowl!!

So Buster has settled in quite well and is happy to leave his life on the other side of the fence for this safe haven with unlimited food, love and cuddles!!

With Chummy gone and no longer patrolling the fences with him big bark and ability to be in many places at once some local kids thought they'd break in and steal all the acohol in the Maneaba fridge! The cheeky buggers got a slab of beer and a load of spirits, then they came back the next night to get what they had dropped in their haste to get away as Kaitlyn caught them and her yells alerted Scott and JJ who gave chase (funnily they couldn't get over the fence so were at a huge disadvantage and lost the boys by the time they got a key and out the gate!!)

So hurry up and grow Buster, you've work to do!!!!!!!!

Maai's son Leviah comes over to play during school holidays and days off, as Jack didn't have a day off, he, Laviah and Sam set about doing some art!! I am impressed that the instructions are so simple that I can help with it (being so non crafty!!)
The boys had a great time cutting, pasting and tearing, then painting. They then did some reading and writing practice!! Jack enjoyed sharing his school room too....

Last week we had a surprise visitor, Uncle Trev turned up with minimal notice!!! How fab it was to see one of JJ's brothers. JJ took the days of work and they pottered about Betio looking at all the WWII relics and taking photos! I only really saw them at meal times!!! It was a short and sweet visit but really enjoyable!! Thanks Uncle Trev for playing Easter Bunny and bringing what really mattered (too the kids) - chocolate!!!! (not to mention saving me from akward explainations as to why EB didn't make it to Kiribati!!!)

Santa bought Sam some googles for Christmas and he thinks they are pretty cool, considering Daddy has the pool so chlorinated that eyes sting if they go underwater unprotected!! We are enjoying the pool most days, it is a great way to wear Sam out!!

Last Sunday I went out to water the veggie garden and I had heard a kitten's cry all day near the fenceline. While filling the watering cans I had a little pock about and this is what I found, up a tree!! Hence the name birdie (again being a male - phew)! Birdie is only just 4 weeks, he too was whipped upstairs for a flea bath, worm and meal of milk!! Good thing I was prepared :P
Now Birdies eyes are clean and free from muck and focusing he is more inquisative and playful. The kids are loving having him about. JJ wouldn't talk to him until he was sure he'd live but as I write this JJ, with Birdie asleep on his chest are reclined in a chair watching tv together!!!

This is the latest harvest from my garden!! The Eggplant are going mad and I admit I am not a huge fan of them (testure, not flavour!) The capsicum are scrummy to eat and since a bit of pruning they are flowering like mad again and most are developing into fruit!! The tomato vines have been fruiting now for just on 4 months and again after a bit of pruning are flowering again. We also have a new crop of tomatoes in that are starting to flower and fruit, as well as sweet corn, zuchinni and pumpkin. Once the soil arrives we can fill the last two beds and plant loads of sweet corn and more beans and capsicum. The first crop of tomatoes and capsicum will be pulled out and replanted with mini watermelons and golden melons!!!  Our first batch of compost is ready and waiting for the beds to be turned and prepared for the new crops. Happy Days!!!!!

Well it is nearly 9pm here and nearly my bed time. Hope you all enjoy this blog post, feel free to leave a comment (it is as exciting as getting mail!!!!)
I am off to settle the kitten and go to bed

Ti a bo Moa

Jodes xoxox


  1. Look at Buster and Birdie - they make my heart melt! Love the goggles too Sam!

  2. Buster and Birdie look well settled in. Who is the 3rd. blond girl? Boys looking great as do the vegies. Sam looks very special in his goggles. Go Sam! Comments now are unimportant after our long phone call. Love Mum. xxx