Saturday, 23 February 2013

February doings....

Well yet again it has been weeks between blogs, for that I apologise. Things in the compound have kept us very busy.
The kids continue to be very busy outdoors after school has finished. All of Jack's school work has finally arrived and we are 4 weeks behind so we are busy catching up on the 1st 4 weeks of maths. I am enjoying having a program to follow, Jack is enjoying the variety I think but keeping him in the schoolroom for 3-4 hours is a challenge, but I am sure he will get used to it!

Jack and Sam  having goodnight kisses and cuddles!

The weigh in of the last fishing comp saw the Kiwi's weigh in the heaviest fish, how ever the Aussies got the best variety so took 1st place in the days compitition, keeping them in 1st place. Scott went out on the Aussie boat and came home with some very nice sized Wahoo, filling the freezer nicely. Lucky we have a fisherman as food is very scarce on the island, we are out of flour, rice, chicken, there is not one piece of fresh fruit or veg or eggs on the island, no potatos, onions or carrots. Meals are consisting of frozen veggies, tinned potatos & meat. Our red meat order is running low so it is very slim pickings here. We are hoping to see a boat arrive from Australia later this week, which should not only have food but the Dawson's container and our play equipment!! Here's hoping!!
Lucky we have the veggie garden which is supplying us with tomatoes, capsicums, bok choy and egg plant. A new crop of tomatoes is growing along with another attempt at corn and zuchinni. Of course the chook are giving us a constant supply of lovely fresh eggies!! Since Chummy is not eating the chook are polishing off his food so as they are getting so much protein  we are getting 10 eggs a day!! Lucky because many meals revolve around our constant supply of eggs at the moment!!

Meei massaging Sam before his arvo nap, he puts his nappy on, gathers his cot friends, collects the massage oil and lays on the floor ready for Meei. She massages him to sleep and we put him to bed. What a lovely way to fall asleep every afternoon!!

A visiting DFAT chap went out on thr boat and came home like this!! They rand me to see what I could do. A nasty one as the barb was still under the skin, it was a matter of pulling it through after cutting the lure of with bolt cutters. This poor bloke managed this all without a local anaethetic, I had to try 3 times before I got it out, I think he was such a brave man, The best pain relief I could give him was Panadeine Extra!!! (I think the beer he downed would have helped too!!) I have heard since leaving here and going onto Vanuatu the would has healed nicely with no infection but he has been stuck down with some virus causing water on the lungs and vomiting blood and being admitted to a Vanuatu hospital, methinks it is time he went home!!!

Well Jack turned six and what a lovely day he had!! This is him with all his pressies piled up under a load of balloons I blew up the night before. He was very spoilt and loves every single thing he recieved!!

A very low key dinner followed a party lunch. Jack decided he wanted fish and chips and cake so that is exactly what he got!!


Chummy is keeping me on my toes too. He hasn't been well since we got home in early January but we managed to fatten him up a bit and get him eating again. Unfortunately he had a relapse and collapsed yesterday. He was very dehydrated and so incredibly thin, so after 7 years of doing a cannulation I managed to get one in and got fluids into him. He perked up after the 1st bag but would not eat. I have spoken to a vet in Cairns who is sending me some antibiotics for him after deciding his signs and symptoms sound like a chronic gastro. So our poor Chummy lives to fight another day and with some antibiotics, fluids and TLC I have managed to get Chummy eating and drinking again. Once the drugs arrive from Australia I am sure we will knock this gastro on the head and get our happy bouncy puppy back :0)

well that about brings you up to date. I am off to put the boys to bed and relax with a cup of Tulsi tea and a movie before bed, bliss :0)

Tia bo moa
(see you soon!)

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