Tuesday, 29 January 2013

a few pictures from the 1st post of 2013!!

Meei and Kaitlyn learning to weave floor mats

with the demise of Big Red over the christmas break, a new one had to turn up sooner rather than later!!!

the new maneaba, is a great place to meet drink and be merry.....

the husks from the moi-mot (green oconut) being buried below high tide mark, there it will sit for 3 months then we'll seperate the fibres and either spin twine or use it on the veggie beds as mulch! Either way James (gardener) & Johnny (maintainence man) did a good job, but the tide did beat them in the end!!!


  1. Wow, the maneaba looks fabuous. What a great job.
    Hope you have recoved from Australia Day!!

  2. Life in Your photoes looks so full of joy, despite of work. I was always curious, how to make mates from palm leaves. Greetings from Poland.