Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Gracious, the 1st post of 2013!!!!

Gracious I can't believe it is mid-January already, we have been home two weeks and so much has happened in that time.

We got home to the normal neglect so I spent a busy few days making repairs and replanting the veggie garden. The tomatoes and capsicum have survived, nothing was going to kill those suckers!! They are huge!!! Still plenty of tomatoes and capsicums on the plants so as there was not a scarrick of fresh fruit (due to the ship being delayed by cyclone Evan) or veg to be found on the island it was nice to have them.

Darren was on the wind down and the new family due t arrive four days after we got home. So much to do before they arrived.

Arrive they did in due course and we all braved the 0545 am start to go and greet them at the airport. Scott, Kristy, Kaitlyn and Gemma arrived safely and we are happy to report are so far enjoying the island and the compound.

I have hardly seen my boys since they arrived, the four kids spend their days running amok outside, either swimming, collecting hermit crabs, playing hide-and-seek or tag on the bikes and scooters. My boys are certainly exhausted by night time!!! It is lovely to see.

We hosted a farewell/ welcome botaake in the new maneabe for about 50 people last Saturday. Kristy pitched in and we outdid ourselves with a menu that disappeared like 'soapsuds down a gully trap!' Meei and her daughter cooked what was needed, served and cleaned up (a happy arrangement for me!) About 10 kids ran about and swam and had a generally good time, once the play equipment is in they will be begging their parents to come for a play date methinks!!

Darren's farewell was a sad one, the Williams' family are sad to see our lovely neighbour leave but like all Navy postings people move on......luckily we have a lovely family moving in.
       Thank you Darren for the good times ad being such a great neighbour and friend to us all!

Today Meei and Palrina showed the girls how to weave their own mats!! Poor Johnny and James were asked to supply palm fronds, moi-moto and then to add insult bury all the husks from the moi-moto in the beach below the high tide mark. (this is so we can separate the fibres to make lovely mulch for around the veggies plants. Unfortunately the ground is coral so they required a pick and mattock to dig the hole and the tide beat them in the end!!)

The girls had a lovely time weaving mats, I don't think they quite enjoyed the moi-moto like we do, maybe an acquired taste? Anyway more for us and the fridge is full. So the fridge is full of tomatoes, capsicum and eggs, the cooks seemed to be on steroids or something but are laying between 8-10 eggs a day!! Big Red mysteriously died while we were away so a new rooster has  moved in from next door! This one isn't being taken back, I am tagging him and won't give in. JJ tried to buy another at the hatchery but they no longer keep or sell roosters so our new, yet to be named, ring in will have to do!

I think everyone is happy to be home and back to familiar toys and beds. We had a wonderful time in Oz, plenty of good food, too much good wine and loads of quality time with family and friends, it of course went bye all to quickly but that is the nature of a good holiday methinks.

Sam is back to wearing nothing, Jack shorts and no shirt and I am spending an hour each night tottering about in high heels in preparation for the formal Australia Day dinner, that as a co-host I have been informed to frock up so I have taken the hint and am re-acquainting my feet with heels!!! I am also back in the gym (much to my body's disgust!) and on a healthy eating plan after over-indulging for too long (I think I have consumed alcohol every day since leaving Kiribati back in December, till now, I'm NOT an alcoholic?????!!)

I promise it won't be so long between posts, till then........


ps I can't download any photos, not sure why but will do do as soon as I can, cause I have some beauties!!!


  1. Just seems amazing you have been back on the island 2 weeks. Glad Kristy and family are settling in well and enjoying island life. Did you really have alcolhol every day while you were in Melb.???? That means I must have too!!!Received your beautiful Thankyou today. You are too generous. Talk soon.


  2. Hi Jodie,
    Trying again to reply to your posts. Missing you.
    Hope this works
    Nancy xxx