Sunday, 14 April 2013


...things continue to keep us busy here in the compound. there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything achieved!! Another 4 hours would be enough!!
Sam as usual being 'Mr Independence' insists on helping out where ever he can and decided to help with the dishes too, do you reckon I said 'no?' Well no way, he pottered along, it took him ages but it was so cute to see. He is also right into helping me cook so again everything takes four times as long to do but isn't that half the fun!! He is still not talking properly, pure laziness and the tantrum that result do to us not understanding him are getting a bit old but I gather will disappear sooner rather than later!!

I think this rooster is about number 7!!! Well he appeared before Christmas and challenged 'Big Red' so Meei took him home. Well after losing yet another rooster to the rooster, cock fighting nappers we got "Dirty Harry" back from Meei as she has a few roosters at home and I clipped a wing and put a tag on his leg!! Also Dirty Harry goes into the chook coop of a night time, lets hope this one doesn't get nabbed!!

Meei and Sam love to feed the girls the left over Moi-moto meat and the girls love it, they actually jump into your lap in their frenzy to get the food, it is so funny to watch!!

Easter Bunny found the kids this year (thank goodness!!) and Sam wasted no time in devouring his egg, with a little help from Birdie and Wally (no, no animals actually ate any chocolate!!) Wally has moved outside due to his inability to toilet train and my being over cleaning up wees and poos everywhere it shouldn't be!! But he is happy and good friends with Buster now.

Birdie continues to be loved by all in the house, Sam may just love him to death, he is so obsessed with this kitten he just can not stay away. Both animals are near on 6 weeks now and very cute. Birdie is true to his name and a good climber so I often find him asleep on my pillows during the day!!

We had a lovely Easter with loads of home made Hot Cross Buns and Easter eggs too. Easter Sunday we had a lovely luncheon with loads of families and kids. The  12 or so kids all enjoyed an Easter Egg Hunt in the garden and I think all the kids are still coming down of a chocolate high!!!

We have had so much rain that the garden is drowning, the second crop of tomatoes are growing well despite the wet and the fruit are now starting to ripen. The cabbage, rocket, zucchini, herbs and corn aren't so impressed with the wet conditions and we have lost quite a few plants. It is a bit disheartening to see but on the up side our water tanks are full!!!

Jack and I have had a well earned week off for school holidays, this week. The work we are set keeps us in the school room until lunch and beyond!! It was nice to have a lazy week and I think I enjoyed the holidays as much as Jack, mind you I was still doing all the prep work for next week and scanning and emailing off all the last bits of work from Term 1!!! But it is exciting to be so involved in Jack's work and to see the progress he is making. In the photo he was doing 'maths dominoes' and he had loads of fun doing it!! Thank goodness I won't have to juggle two curriculum's though as we get home before Sam starts kindergarten!!

well that is it for now

Tia a bo moa

Jodes :0)

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