Monday, 18 November 2013

Mauri, yes a very overdue greeting at that.....

Mauri and sorry........

3 months since my last post, I must have amnesia because I am not sure where the time has gone....however it is now 3 weeks until we leave and time is slipping away faster than the proverbial sand in the hour glass.

So much has happened, I promised to update you all fully with a series of blogs this week.

Kristy and I embarked on a strict fitness routine of diet and exercise twice a day! The upside was great weight loss and the ability to greet the days sunrise every morning, this was a beauty, such a tranquil time of day.

The new Zoku pop chocolate maker arrived so we thought we'd better test it out....the kids had a ball trying out new recipes and designs on the pops. It was loads of fun

Sam's pre-school class had their end of term celebration at our compound, the kids had a ball playing on the equipment, running about and we cooked chicken on the BBq for all. The lovely ladies surprised me with beautiful hand made momentos to take home and ti-butas to wear, to thank me for all I had done for the class, it was very touching.

This month JJ & I decided to buy a new motorbike for Meei in appreciation of all her hard work and loyalty she has shown us. I was sick and tired of her old one that kept dying on the way to here it is, my choice......Meei and I went fo a spin around Betio, a very comfy ride :0)
On a Sunday the local lads get out on the ocean side with their home made outrigger models to race. Te wa ni Markei is the racing canoe models I-Kiribati's name and boy do they fly across the water when the wind catches their sails. The boys pay money to enter the competition and others bet on the canoes, it is a serious business.
In September JJ finally took the families on his "War Tour", it was fascinating to hear all about the war that was fought on Tarawa, mostly the atoll of Betio, right where we live. Jack, Gemma, Kaitlyn & Sam came along too and enjoyed the sights around Betio.
The local boys love to "Cock fight", it is a very tame version with no spurs and no blood, the boys love their roosters and would hate to see them hurt, here are a few kids giving their roosters some practice before the Sunday competition which is also a big business.
While Scott's parents were here we got up to a favourite place Te Bon te Keeke in North Tarawa. An outrigger canoe ferries us across the channel to North Tarawa and a few hours of total bliss.
The boys on the beach at Te Bon te Keeke, in the back ground is a Kia Kia you can stay in, over the water, it is such a peaceful spot to stop and stay awhile. We had a blissful day swimming, eating and drinking, the food is usually a freshly caught fish turned into a curry with veggies and rice, moi-moto (green coconut) to drink and plenty of icy cold beer, hammocks and big lunge chairs over looking the water means hours of relaxation and bliss.
Right so this brings us up to date for September, I will do another blog tonight as I am due in the gym!!! Ti bo moa......this time I promise it won't be so long :0)

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