Monday, 18 November 2013

Another one.....

so back again...I promised I would catch you up on all our doings. So we took a trip back up to North Tarawa to Tanai to visit my dear fried Daniel, whom after promotion is now the head of the Taiwanese Technical Mission farm, without Daniel's guidance and help my little veggie garden would not be the thriving thing it is today. Daniel showed us around the farm as Johnny, James, Scott, Kristy and the girls had not been there before, it was a pleasant day out and the staff learned loads about vegetable growing and composting too.
Daniel and I posing for a photo for prosperity!!!

Kristy, Heather (Scott's Mum) & I were invited down to take a tour of Di Nippon Primary School. The kids in grade one put on a little concert and danced and sang for us. They got the giggles when I sang and danced the "Coconut" song with them. Bless Meei teaching me such a simple song!!!
It was fascinating to see the work the children do, they achieve so much with so few resources. The teachers do an amazing job. The kids love learning and are happy to be there, the needs and wants of the school is so small, we are doing our best to supply extra paper, pencils and books.

In October we DFAT hosted the 2013 Security Talks between Australia and Kiribati governments. Defence is apart of this so we agreed to host a cocktail party on one of the nights. Our staff worked tirelessly to decorate our maneaba, tidy the grounds and prepare food. The compound shone, the maneaba looked absolutely fantastic ad the food, well that was delicious.

This was the sunset on the night of the Security Talks cocktail party, the night could not have been more perfect, a gentle breeze and amazing sunset to set the mood. The food, service and company made for a memorable night.
Unfortunately JJ had to dash home to farewell his father and he missed the talks. John Cecil Williams passed away peacefully with his devoted wife Peg by his side on the 11th October 2013. We miss him daily.

This cheeky little cat will be dearly missed by us all as he is staying on in Kiribati. Here he had decided to eat my breakfast of fish that was defrosting in the sink!!!! I went to the gym to come back to this, lucky there was more fish in the freezer and another 4 hours until I was due to eat!!!

Jack and his two favourite friends, birdie the cat and Wally the dog. Not sure who is going to miss whom the most, it will be  a sad farewell methinks.

right another blog down, tonight I will work on the "Merrekei" blog, the girls weekend away, loads of fab stories to tell and photos to this space
Ti bo moa :0)

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