Wednesday, 8 May 2013



well here we are in relaxation mode!! No photos to download as i am on the club computer because mine has died!! Well the screen won't display so am not sure what is gong on, the hard drive seems to still be working so i should be able to get everything off in the way of photos, school work etcs, still a pain in the butt  to have to set up a new computer!!!

The resort is fantastic, our suite bliss and we are very happy.....oh did i mention, the week we decide to be here coincides with the "G77" summit so we are living amongst presidents and prime ministers of most Pacific nations. What a scream, we have a security detail at our front door whom announces to, I am not sure who, all our movements in and out of the suite!!!! Not sure if I feel ultra protected or a target, so we flew to Nadi with President Tong of Kiribati and have spoken to him daily in way of greeting. This morning we had brekky at the 'Club' with the company of the president of Fiji and the Solomon Is!!!! All very bizarre!! They leave tomorrow and life will go back to normal!!

I managed a hair cut yesterday, dodgy but short and that is what I wanted so I can't complain!! Friday is my free from husband and children day so a morning spa session including a warm shell massage, a hydrating facial and a luxurious pedicure!! Bliss, then an arvo by the club pool over looking the Pacific with attentive staff to bring me thy bidding. I thought cocktails to match my toenail colour!!

Have just dropped the kids of to Plant Trekkers for the morning session including their lunch and Sam has a nanny, Sai who is a typically lovely and gentle Fijian woman.  I am about to relax by the pool with a book and my writing paper!! Oh is it too early for a cocktail :P (No, according to the butler!!!)

I had intended to do an ANZAC day blog whilst here as I had my computer but it'll have to wait for a while!!

See ya soon

Jodes :0)

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