Thursday, 16 May 2013

ANZAC Day 2013

sorry I am  bit out of whack with posts as I was hoping to get a few blogs done in Fiji, but the calling of the sun lounge by the pool was just too great to resist!!
this blog is about ANZAC day 13, the Aussies hosted this year and our compound was quite involved.
However the day before while Kristy and I were on skype having our "Tupperware Party" with Faye in Geelong the kids thought they'd play some playdough, which turned into a playdough fight!!! I made them help me clean it all up and I think we were finding playdough and had a sticky floor for the next week!!!!! Rascals......

The dawn service began at 6am at the Coast Watchers Memorial at Betio. JJ was MC for the event and so it began directly after the president H.E President Anote Tong & Madam Tong arrived.

 JJ & Scott standing to attention during the Last Post, played by a trumpeter from the Kiribati Police Band. Scott read the Ode and Kaitlyn, Scott and Kristy's 12 year old daughter delivered a very moving and informative speech to the President, the Australian and New Zealand High Commissioners and guests.
The Kiribati, Australian and New Zealand Flags flying over the Coast Watchers memorial
Jack, Gemma and Kaitlyn layed a wreath on behalf of the Australian children living in Kiribati! (Sam was deamed too irresponsible and left at home!!)
GunFire Brekky was hosted by us at our Maneaba, it was a lovely morning weather wise and most came back for a spot of brekky and a tipple of rum, the maneaba had been decorated by Meei and the AHC staff and it look fantastic.
It was a great morning and by 10 am it was all over and we were back into the schoolroom to complete our days work and as it was not a public holiday for Kiribati the men went back to work as the Tuvalu patrol boat and MSA & TA were all due in a few hours later to begin a hectic 4 days of  joint pareol preperation, celebrations and training. It was very nice to be so involved in ANZAC day and JJ has already been covented by the NZ High Commisioner to MC for him next year!!

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  1. Great to read about Anzac day. Fond memories of being there last year with you. Maybe next year!! I went to a service on the ship and it was so moving on the deck at 6 a.m. with about 20 returned servicemen, proudly with their medals. It is sad that the Americans had no idea about the day. So ignorant about our history!xx