Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Playground has finally arrived....

The long, long awaited play equipment finally arrived. It arrived in a wonderful jigsaw of small parts and a instruction manual that may well have been written in Chinese!! So JJ, Scott and Johnny set aside a weekend to make the final thing appear and it certainly took the whole weekend with many eager little helpers thrown into the mix!!
JJ did the honours of digging the first hole, the first of 12 to do....
The end result after 3 hard days of digging and constructing. The pirate ship playground is finally up and functionl (prehaps not built to the manafacturers complete instructions, with a few pieces and bolts left over....but here it is and the kids of the compound are are happy as can be with their new play toy!!!
The kids having loads of fun

Sam is enjoying his kinder, he goes most days with Meei on the bus but last Friday jack and I went along to deliver some new toys, balls, crayons, paints, paper and beanie bags (we made!) to the class. The kids had a fun time playing with the beanie bags, putting them on their heads and walking, picking out colours and throwing them into hoops and buckets. Such small giftd but it created such huge smiles and the kids and parents sang and danced for us, it was so cute.

Birdie continues to grow and cement his place firmly in the house. The kids love him and he is just so
naughty enough to have fun with my toilet roll in my ensuite, who needs the kleenex puppy when we have Bird!!!

Last Friday everyone knocked off work at midday and we had a staff botaki in the maneaba. Wives, husbands, kids and grandkids came to have lunch, play on the play equipment and swim.
The majority of us got into the pool to play and we rigged a rope and had a fun game of water volleyball. It was a great afternoon and something we hope will appen on a regular basis. It was a great way to show our wonderful staff our appreciation for what they do for us each day.

My sweet little Birdie snoozing on my bed!!!

The weather has been lovely and we have had some really lovely nights down at the maneaba chilling out listening to the water lap close to our feet as we watch the kids potter about on their scooters and the play equipment. We really are blessed to live this very mellow life style, allowing the kids to live an outdoor lifestyle in the sun. The new entertainment area is awesome and adds so much to the compound and our already enjoyable lifestyle. Thanks James and everyone in Canberra that allowed it to happen :0)

ps when the boat brings some more wine my lfe will be complete :P

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